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Annual Competition and Regulation Conference 2024

The RPI can announce the dates for our 2024 Annual Competition and Regulation Conference. This will be hosted at Lady Margaret Hall on the 9th-10th September 2024. The theme of the conference is Challenges for the New Government: Identifying Strategic Priorities

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About RPI Events

The RPI regularly hosts events in London and Oxford with presentations by distinguished speakers on a range of regulatory and competition policy issues.

Our flagship events are two annual conferences, held in the spring and the autumn, and the Hertford Seminars in Regulation, held throughout the year.

Hertford Seminars provide an opportunity for expert, lively, and informal discussion of major public policy issues, both during the seminar itself, and, typically, over food and drink afterwards, for those who are able to stay on to continue the conversation. Numbers are restricted to encourage interchanges under the Chatham House Rule. The mix of attendees typically reflects the diversity of RPI members and supporters in government, business, the professions, and academia.

Our two annual conferences are the Westminster Conference, a one day conference of particular interest to policy makers, regulators, and the regulated industries, held each spring, and our Competition and Regulation Policy Conference held in Oxford over two days in September, and including the Zeeman Lecture and our Distinguished Fellows Dinner.

Attendance at our conferences is open to all, while our seminar series is generally by invitation only, with priority given to RPI Members. If you would like to enquire about any of these events, or be added to our invitation list, please contact us: 

Past Events

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Hertford Seminars: George Yarrow

The Institute is pleased to announce that we will be hosting another of our Hertford Seminars, given by Professor George Yarrow, entitled: ‘The destructive persistence of the Nirvana Fallacy in public policy and debate’

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Annual Competition and Regulation Conference

We are pleased to share the dates for the Annual Competition and Regulation Conference. It will be held on the 27th & 28th of September at Lady Margaret Hall. We hope to see you there!

In this new academic year, the Institute will be moving to a new events structure, placing less emphasis on ‘omnibus’ conferences in favour of colloquia and seminars, in order to give more sustained attention to major priority issues in regulation. The upcoming Annual Conference stands at the cusp of the change and so this year there will be no conference fee, only a charge of £125+VAT to cover meal and refreshment expenses (including the food and drink costs of the Distinguished Fellows Dinner) and a charge of £80+VAT for those wanting to reside in the College on the night of 27 September.

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Regulatory Policy Institute Annual Westminster Conference 2023 – The Nature of Regulation:  Seeing the Wood from the Trees

We are pleased to announce that bookings are now open for the 2023 Westminster Conference.

Consistent with the RPI’s purpose (promoting the study of regulation for the public benefit), this year’s Westminster Conference will take a form closer to a ‘teach in’ or a challenging away-day than is traditional, particularly in the morning.

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RPI Annual Competition and Regulation Conference 2021: Rethinking Regulation

Regulatory Policy Institute events are back!

For two days in September, we will pool collective experiences on the question of ‘rethinking regulation’ with those working in Government, regulatory bodies, regulated companies, their legal and economic advisers, as well as those from the academic community in order to see whether we can draw out any principles that could be applied in the design of UK regulatory policy in a post-Brexit, post-Covid world.

We will ask ourselves: what do we need to do to rethink regulation?

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