The Regulatory Policy Institute Research Group

Annual Competition and Regulation Conference: Alternative Policy Responses to Regulatory Pathologies

Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th December 2022:
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University

We are pleased to announce that the Institute’s annual conference, originally scheduled for 19th/20th September and cancelled due to the timing of state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II, has been rescheduled for the afternoon of the 7th and all day the 8th December. 

Our Annual Westminster Conference in May examined a number of ‘pathologies’ to which regulatory/policy systems are prone. The focus of this conference will be on the explorations of options for ‘remedying’, or at least mitigating, their consequential, unwanted effects, particularly in contexts where those effects have major implications for the everyday economic welfare

The agenda will be wide, since root causes of regulatory/policy failures affect performance in many sectors and markets across the economy.

To reserve a place please download and fill in the booking form below. Instructions for returning the form are on the document.

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