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An independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the study of regulation and deregulation


Latest Paper

Re-thinking climate change policies: A tale of two externalities

- George Yarrow and Gerard Fox , January 2022

In this short paper, Gerard Fox and George Yarrow argue that, in the context of climate change policies, the nature and significance of any potentially problematic economic externalities are functions of strategic policy choices: that …

Latest from Blog

Regulatory Policy Assessment in the Covid-19 era: a Once and Future Pathway?

- George Yarrow, April 15, 2020

Back in the 1990s and the early years of the 21st century the UK government developed a relatively sophisticated handbook to guide the evaluation of alternative lines of regulatory policy development and implementation, largely under …


About the RPI

The objective of the RPI is to promote the study of the regulation of economic activity, with a view to deepening our understanding of the drivers and impacts, intended and unintended, of a range of public policies, and thereby to contribute to more effective policy development in the future.

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The RPI regularly hosts events in London and Oxford with presentations by distinguished speakers on a range of regulatory and competition policy issues. Our flagship events are two annual conferences, held in the spring and the autumn, and the Hertford Seminars in Regulation, held throughout the year.


Our blog provides an opportunity for members of the RPI, and guest commentators, to express personal views of regulatory matters. It will sometimes include essays, sometimes biographies and snippets, and sometimes will highlight research papers, possibly from earlier years, that still seem relevant to current issues.