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Investing in utility networks with less reliance on markets and more uncertainty: how do we deliver security and efficiency? - Contributors

Emily Clark

Emily Clark is the Chief Economist for BT PLC. She leads the team responsible for analysing the markets in which BT operates, to further key commercial, regulatory policy and strategy goals.

Lewis Dale

Dr Lewis Dale is the Regulatory Strategy Manager, National Grid, with particular interest in renewables and distributed generation. He is also Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London

Tony Ballance

Dr Tony Ballance is the Director of Strategy and Regulation at Severn Trent Water. Prior to joining Severn Trent he served as Chief Economist at Ofwat and held directorships at both London Economics and Stone and Weber Consultants. His particular interests are in utility policy, regulation, and stakeholder engagement.

Tony is Chairman of the Corporate Advisory Group at the RPI.