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Essays in Regulation (Original series)

These are general papers on a variety of aspects of regulation and regulatory policy published between 19xx and 20xx.

Obesity issues and public regulation

George Yarrow, Karin Cheetham and Tim Keyworth

published April 2007

The prevalence of obesity has featured prominently in the news alongside a range of other diet and lifestyle issues, attracting a good deal of attention from various parts of government and from other public authorities. …


How regulation works: BT's experience

Jonathan Rickford

published September 1994

A personal perspective on the regulatory relationships, their workings, and their effects on the way business operates, including: remarks of a somewhat theoretical kind about the nature of regulation in a free market economy; an …


Political Intervention versus L'Etat de Droit Economique: The issue of convergence of competition policies in Europe

Alain Jeunemaitre and Hervé Dumez

published April 1994

It could be argued that 35 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome, European competition policy is on the verge of fulfilling its ultimate goal of creating a competition order and a level …


Recent Trends and Developments in European Competition Policy

Christopher Jones

published April 1993

The aim of this paper is to examine how the completion of the single market, subsidiarity, and transparency and efficiency have influenced the major changes to the Commission's competition policy that have taken place over …