The Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI) is an independent, charitable organisation dedicated to the study of regulation and deregulation.
Hertford Seminars in Regulation

The flagship Hertford Seminars in Regulation are held occasionally and throughout the academic year at Hertford College, Oxford; London; or, more recently, Edinburgh. Following an initial talk or presentation by a distinguished guest speaker or speakers, these seminars provide an opportunity for expert, lively and informal discussion of major public policy issues, both during the seminar itself and over food and drink afterwards. Participation levels are restricted to encourange interchanges across the table under the Chatham House rule. The mix of attendees typically reflects the diversity of the RPI's members and supporters in government, business, the professions and academia.

Hertford Seminars are open to an invited audience, with Institute members receiving priority invitations. Where space permits non members may also attend. If you would like to be added to the Hertford Seminar invitation list, please email event co-ordinator Kerry Whitelegg indicating your organisation affiliation and professional interest.

There is currently no charge for attendance at the seminars

Arrangements following the seminar, so that participants can continue the conversation informally, varies, and may include drinks and canapés, dinner in College, or dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Hertford Seminars 1991 - 2019

Dr Tony Ballance, Director, Strategy & Regulation, Severn Trent Water; Jason Mann, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting; Emily Clark, Chief Economist, BT Group; Lewis Dale, National Grid: Investing in utility networks with less reliance on markets and more uncertainty: how do we deliver security and efficiency?

Ed Humpherson, UK Statistics Authority; Siobhan Carty, ORR; David Black, Ofwat; Jason Dorsett, NHS Foundation Trust: Aligning public ownership with customer interests. Is this as easy as it sounds?


Sharon Darcy, Director, Sustainability First, Regulation and public interest outcomes in energy and water: moving beyond compliance and towards a sustainable ‘licence to operate’ for a disrupted world'

Robert Hahn, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford; Cathryn Ross, Ofwat; Tony Ballance, Severn Trent Water; Maxine Frerk, Grid Edge Policy: Customer engagement and regulation: where next?

Lord David Owen with discussant, Sir Jonathan Faull, Director-General of European Commission Task Force for Strategic Issues related to the UK Referendum, 'Alternative wider European structures for co-operation'


Steve Webb, formerly Minister of State for Pensions , "Regulating the pensions market, theory and practice"


Andrew Haines, Chief Executive, CAA , “The role of regulation in airport capacity expansion”
Jim Venit, Partner and co-head of the Antitrust Competition practice for Europe, Skadden, “Ordoliberalism and timelessness of Article 82”


David Edmonds, Chair, Legal Services Board, "Legal services regulation: past, present, and future"
Jonson Cox, Chair, Water Services Regulation Authority, "Regulation in the Water Sector: Tools available to get the best deal for customers"


Professor George Yarrow, Chairman, Regulatory Policy Institute, "Progress, regression and fashion in economic thinking about regulation and competition over the past 50 years"
Will Hutton, Principal, Hertford College, "Media Regulation post-Leveson" and featuring Chris Kenny, Chief Executive, Legal Services Board, on issues of combining statutory and self regulation.
David Clark, Senior Research Scientist, MIT:"Convergence and Competition: the telecom regulator's dilemma"


Roger Witcomb, Chairman, Competition Commission: "Coordinated effects: practice and theory?"
Gordon Hughes, Professor of Economics at the University of Edinburgh: "Renewable energy and the regulation of electricity generation"
Roundtable discussion: "The use and interpretation of economic evidence in competition and regulatory policy"
Fod Barnes, Sir Ian Byatt, Peter Freeman, Colin Robinson: "Regulation and competition in retrospect"
David Gray, Lead Reviewer, Ofwat: "Reflections on the Government review of Ofwat"

Michael Gibbons, Chair, Regulatory Policy Committee: Can bad regulation be prevented? The challenges facing the RPC (presentation)
Steve Smith, Director, Competition and Consumer Policy, Lloyds Banking Group: "Assessing competition in retail markets: lessons from energy and banking" (slides)
Martin Stanley, former Chief Executive of Postcomm & the Competition Commission: "Regulation, the Civil Service and the Coalition Government" (notes)


Regina Finn, Chief Executive, Ofwat - "Sustainable Water: Regulating for an Uncertain Future"
George Yarrow, Chairman, RPI, and Simon Less, Head of the Environment & Energy Unit, Policy Exchange - "The genesis of security of supply problems in the energy sector"
Reinald Krueger, Head of Unit, Information Society and Media Directorate- General, European Commission - "Options for future interconnection charging for the mobile industry"


David Kennedy, Chair, Committee on Climate Change - "Building a low carbon economy" (slides)
Philip Collins, Chair, Office of Fair Trading - "Competition law and policy - life beyond the abyss"
Prof. Gordon Hughes, Edinburgh University (slides) (paper), Kieran Donoghue, Ofgem (slides) Gavin Knott, Postcomm (slides), Simon Carne, Actuary and Regulatory Advisor (slides) - working session on Pensions and the Regulated Industries
Richard Meddings, Group Finance Director, Standard Chartered Bank (slides) Prof Alan Morrison, Professor of Finance, Said Business School, University of Oxford - "Causes of the financial crisis and the implications for financial services regulation" (slides)
Gareth Davies, Competition Policy Director, Ofcom - "Next Generation Telecoms Regulation" - (slides)


Nicholas Green QC, Brick Court Chambers - "Reflections on current tendencies in Competition Law"
Sir Ian Byatt, Chair, Water Industry Commission for Scotland - Is the Scottish model exportable?' (slides)
Sir John Mogg, Chair, Gas and Electricity Markets Authority - 'European Energy regulation: threat or challenge?'
Prof. George Yarrow and Tim Keyworth, Regulatory Policy Institute - 'Climate change, policy institutions and discovery: developing new approaches to tackle environmental externalities'


Peter Freeman, Chair, Competition Commission - 'Developments in Competition Law since 1991'
Dr Harry Bush, Group Director, Economic Regulation, Civil Aviation Authority - 'Issues in Airport Regulation' - (slides)
Stephen Littlechild, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge: 'Negotiated settlements - a role for American practice in UK regulation?' (slides)
Jitinder Kohli, Better Regulation Executive, discussed 'Revising the Regulatory Impact Assessment: The BRE consultation'


Gordon Edge, BWEA, Paul Spence, British Energy, Sean Sutcliffe, BioFuels, George Yarrow, RPI - 'The UK's energy supplies: Tomorrow's potential sources & today's policy issues' (slides)
Brian Williamson, Indepen: 'Options for strategic regulatory reform in the communications sector' (slides)
William Sargent, Better Regulation Executive, introduced the Better Government Programme's Risk Report
Sir Ian Byatt, Alan Sutherland, Water Industry Commission for Scotland, Sarah Chambers, and Richard Moriarty, Postcomm presented 'Regulating Publicly Owned Utilities' (slides)
Boaz Moselle, Brattle Group, introduced "Prospects for Nuclear Power: the regulatory issues"


William Moyes, Chairman, Monitor (Independent Regulator of the NHS Foundation Trusts)
Becket McGrath, Director - Media, Sport and Information Industries, Office of Fair Trading
Chris Bolt, Chairman of the Office of Rail Regulation


Lord Haskins, Former Chairman of the Better Regulation Task Force
Gavyn Davies, Former Chairman , BBC
Vincent Smith, Director - Competition Enforcement Division, Office of Fair Trading
Lord Currie, Chairman, Ofcom


Bruno Lescoeur, Vice-President, Electricité de France
Sir Christopher Bellamy QC, President, Competition Commission Appeal Tribunal
Robert Webb QC, General Counsel, British Airways
Martin Stanley, Chief Executive, Postcomm


Philip Fletcher, Director-General of Water Services
Vice-Minister Lu Zhiqiang, Ministry of Development Affairs, PRC State Council
Tom Winsor, The Rail Regulator, Office of the Rail Regulator
Patricia Hodgson CBE, Chief Executive, Independent Television Commission
John Frank, Associate General Council for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Microsoft


Andrew Whittaker, General Counsel, FSA
Sir Christopher Bellamy QC, President, Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals
Professor Paul Klemperer, Edgeworth Professor of Economics, Oxford University
John Hayes CBE, Chairman, OPRA
Mike Alexander, Managing Director, British Gas Trading
Douglas Andrew, Group Director, Economic Regulation, Civil Aviation Authority


Dr David Clark, Senior Research Scientist, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Peter Rogers, Chief Executive, Independent Television Commission
Roger Urwin, Managing Director, Transmission, National Grid
Howard Davies, Chairman, Financial Services Authority
John Smith, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Railtrack plc
Professor Richard Whish, Kings College, London
Callum McCarthy, Director General of Electricity and Gas Supply
David Edmonds, Director General, Oftel
Mark Addison, Director, Better Regulation Unit
R Giordano, Director, British Gas plc
Lord Gordon Borrie, former Director of Fair Trading
Professor Alan Fels, Chairman of Australia's Competition and Consumer Commission
Dr Chris Towler, Direcotr, International & Manufacturing Regulatory Affairs, Glaxo Wellcome
Christian Babusiaux, Director General of France's Competition Authority
Claire Spottiswoode, Director General of Gas Supply
Dr Mark Williams, Exeter College, University of Oxford
John Temple Lang, European Commission, DGIV
John Bridgeman, Director General of Fair Trading
Sir Alan Peacock
Jonathan Rickford, British Telecommunications plc
John Palmer, Special Advisor to the Chairman, British Rail
Christopher Jones, Cabinet of Sir Leon Brittan, European Commission
Professor Malcolm Grant, Professor of Land Economy, University of Cambridge
Professor Stephen Littlechild, Director General of Electricity Supply
Professor Michael Waelbroeck, University of Brussels
Nigel Shaw, British Gas
Peter Adams, Agas
Sir Kenneth Berrill, former Chairman of the Securities and Investment Board
Sir Ian Byatt, Director General, Office of Water Services
Dr Martin Howe, Director of Competition Policy, OFT